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04/13 In Jerusalem

04/13/19 Saturday

Shabbat Shalom!

Lots happened in the last five days since we left Red Bluff, CA.USA on Monday the 8th. This is Saturday (Shabbat). Absolutely no traffic on Jaffa Street looking down from the seventh floor #31, of the huge 24 story high-rise at #105 Jaffa Street, Jerusalem. The foot traffic during the rest of the week is like India--maxed out! There are no autos allowed because of the Tram on Jaffa street-- so just tons of people commuting and shopping along all the stores.

Lisa has done an amazing job orchestrating all the travel logistics getting here. Tuesday we stayed in Spain at a Hostile for the 12 hour layover then on to Tel Aveve where Robert and Laura picked us up at the Airport and brought us to a new apartment building that just opened up. In fact, we are the second ones to rent this apartment. Very new and modern with a few bugs to work out--literally! The hot water leaks a bit when fired up over the small washing machine and we’ve squished a few small roaches every now and then.

Walked down to the Wailing Wall (Western Wall). It took about 45 minutes down hill from our apt. About 60 minutes back--uphill. So much for a day of rest! All the enclosed streets were jammed with shops and thousands of people. Had several people jams in some of the most narrow parts and sometimes waited 20 minutes to go 20 feet. Lots of tour busses from many nations. Even lots of baby carriages and young children. Very brave parents. Interestingly, there are lots of small children playing in the streets and walking around without chaperones and parents. The automatic machine guns are on most all the police though and that might have something to do with everyone feeling safe on the streets around old town.

We serve a wonderful Lord and Savior and are blessed to be here and wish all to enjoy this moment wherever you are. Blessings. Don

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