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Need deliverance & inner healing? 

Contact Lisa if you would

like to set up a healing session.

Some people meet once a week until we are able to clear up all the issues they struggle to overcome.

People have been helped with a variety of issues through this ministry, mental health such as depression, physical illness or pain, financial setbacks, feelings of rejection, abandonment, emotional hurts, suicidal thoughts and broken relationships.

This is a testimony from Jessica:

Matt and I have been married for 13 years. Our story is one of miracle after miracle.  A story that no one would have planned, except for God.  Matt was raised in a gospel centered home in the deep south, and came to know Jesus at a very early age.  His mother was a music minister at the local church, and Matt was raised in that church building. I was raised in a church-attending home in the northeast, but didn’t come to know Jesus until I was 18 and a freshman in college in Tallahassee, FL (his hometown).

Through a series of what can only be described as miracles and direct intervention from Jesus himself, I started attending a campus ministry that was led by a Spirit filled pastor. I heard the gospel for the first time, and quickly surrendered my life to Jesus.  Shortly thereafter, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that if I hadn’t met Jesus then, that my life would have been over within the year. I was depressed, suicidal, lonely, engaging in self-harm, and had no identity.  With my new identity found in Christ, that imminent threat of death was gone. However, I continued to struggle with mental health issues. 

Matt and I met while I was on staff as a children’s minister at a local church. I was coordinating an outreach event, and hired his band to come play for the youth. We were engaged 8 months later, and married 10 months after that.  Given his lifelong affiliation with his church, we started our married life at his church.  Shortly after getting married, we got involved with a church plant by one of his close friends. Matt, always the sound guy, and always the servant, did the audio. Jessica, always the one good with kids, helped with kids ministry.  We were really good at doing church. In fact, when we moved cross country for our jobs, we quickly got involved with another church plant. We followed our usual pattern of doing church - Matt doing audio, and Jessica doing kids ministry.  

So why am I explaining this, when you’re here to read about Lisa?  Where does she come into play?  Well, here’s a little bit of another story, but we’re getting there…God placed adoption on my both of our hearts before we even met. Along that path, two years ago, we became foster parents. Our foster children had siblings with another foster mom, Amy. Amy quickly became a close friend, and it was through Amy that we met Lisa.  

Amy often talked about her friend Lisa. She described Lisa as a gentle and kind woman who was a powerful prayer warrior with a strong anointing for inner healing and deliverance. She would often say how she wished we could meet, and in May 2020 we finally did when Lisa was doing ministry in Iowa. Amy invited us to her home for a worship session led by Lisa.  

This was our first time to get out of our home in the midst of the COVID crisis. For the first time in our married lives, and truly in both of our walks with Jesus, we were not busy “doing church” because church was now virtual and we couldn’t “do.”  God was using this time to silence the noise of “doing,” and letting us just “be.” In all of our “doing” church, I longed for being among those that were Spirit filled, so I was excited to meet this Spirit filled Lisa!  Matt was a bit more skeptical. Yes, he loved Jesus! Yes, he knew of the Holy Spirit. But he had not experienced the likes of Lisa before. Lisa immediately reminded me of the folks I met in my early walk with Jesus, those that were radiant with the Holy Spirit and fully abandoned to Him, not just tethered to “doing” church. At that small, in-home gathering, I felt like I was coming home again, and Matt was getting his first taste of the real Holy Spirit.  

Lisa came to our home that same week to fellowship and pray with us, our 8 year old son, William, and my 78 year old mother who was temporarily living with us.  Through Lisa, God started an amazing work on all of us during that evening. My mother and my relationship was strengthened beyond imagination! William’s dependence on medicine for his ADHD has drastically declined! Matt was rocked by being told that there was more to him that he didn’t even know yet (more on that in a bit!).  And my taste for wanting more of Jesus got even stronger. 

Later that week, I met one-on-one with Lisa.  I knew there was a work to be done. I didn’t know exactly what it was, but I knew God was getting ready for a breakthrough.  God showed Lisa how broken I was on the inside. How the abuse I had endured as a child was still there; that it wasn’t all in my head.  That boundaries, upon boundaries, upon boundaries had been broken in my life from a little girl all through my adult life. How people had been the tool of the enemy to try to erode who I was, so that all was left was a broken and bruised spirit. That God had carried me through all of that, and given me grace to survive, and love through the hurt. Lisa cried for me over that broken girl. No one had ever even acknowledged the hurt, let alone mourn with me over it. She led me through healing that broken girl, through repenting, through forgiving, through acknowledging the brokenness and the hope.  She led me through reclaiming myself for Jesus, for His work, with His boundaries, His strength, and His vision.  In that one session, more was accomplished than in the countless hours I have spent in counseling therapy, reading secular and Christian self-help books, and psychiatric medicine. I walked out of that session HEALED.  On the way home, God told me to throw away the book on my night stand that I had been reading - it was on boundaries - because I’d been healed. 

While we never prayed for any of my physical ailments, when we left that session, I was walking straight - not hunched over like I had my entire life. An enormous weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I could stand tall, not broken and bruised.  Back pain that had been near constant for at least 20 years was GONE.  Four months later, it has not returned!  I used to see a chiropractor 3 times a week, I haven’t needed to go back since that day. I was told that back pain was due to a hereditary deterioration in my spine - likely from my father, who was one of my primary abusers as a child (God restored our relationship well before he passed, and he is in Glory with his heavenly father now). I know that because of the inner healing, I experienced physical healing.  It has even translated to a complete shift in how I care for myself, and I am finally nurturing my body the way God intended. Caring for myself as He cares for me.

Matt saw the evidence of the healing immediately.  There’s no doubt that the healing has extended in all areas of my life - my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life are all on fire for Jesus.  This intrigued him into wanting more, too. He wanted to know more about what Lisa had prayed over him, about him not knowing who he truly was, or his full potential. 

A few months  later, Lisa returned to Iowa, and we scheduled another family session.  Leading up to it, I felt like the focus should be on Matt - the last time I got most of the focus and healing, now it was his turn.  I never shared that “feeling” with anyone, just let it hang out there, trusting that God would have His way.  And He did!  While we started in prayer for both of us, Lisa’s attention quickly turned to Matt, culminating with Matt getting baptized in the Holy Spirit!  

Until that day, that prayer session, he had never heard me speak in tongues. Truthfully, I had never been fully honest with him about my “Spirit filled side,” mainly out of fear of rejection. But with the healing I received, and the new boldness and renewed trust in the Lord, and Lisa’s guidance, our living room turned into a Holy Spirit revival!  Our individual and combined walks with the Lord are stronger than ever. Our openness about what God is doing with each other is limitless. For the first time in our 15 years together, we are truly one in the Spirit. 

I know God has done a mighty work in our lives. But, I know that it was Lisa whom he used to do his mighty work.  Lisa is truly anointed in ushering in the Holy Spirit to bring about inner healing and deliverance. I know what she has helped accomplish with us is only the tip of what she has yet to accomplish to continue to push the Kingdom of Heaven. 


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